How to bring cozy Danish hygge style into your home

How to bring cozy Danish hygge style into your home

The Danish concept of “hygge” means cozy, warm and comfortable. Pronounced “hoo-gah,” it’s an idea, culture and mood, and it’s been exported around the world as people seek to embrace cold weather.

Hygge offers a way to create a space all your own if you’re renting, add stability and structure to a busy life or simply help you relax and feel good. We’ll take you through some of the ways to incorporate it into your home, ranging from decoration tips to daily habits. Once you embrace hygge, you’ll wonder what you were doing without it.

There are three specific areas that should be emphasized when it comes to hygge: the bedroom, the bathroom and any outdoor space.

Create ambience through scent

In tandem with light, scent can be used to create a variety of moods. Aromatherapy offers a host of scents for any mood, and an essential oil diffuser can create aromas that may inspire, focus or relax. For example, lavender scents are known to help soothe and aid in sleep, while lemongrass may alleviate anxiety, and peppermint can help mental acuity. Essential oil diffusers are diverse in design, allowing you to find a style that matches the decor. Some may also glow, change colors and gently hum. Look for high-quality oils made from natural ingredients.

Candles offer both pleasant sights and smells, creating a calming ambience. They can be used almost anywhere in your home, from the living room to the bathroom.

When it comes to colors, try to avoid cold, harsh tones. You can use neutral colors to emphasize simplicity. If you like, you can choose lighter pastels or warm options for calming and peaceful vibes.

For appliances and cabinets, opt for natural woods or rustic exteriors if possible rather than cold stainless steel and metal finishes.

Hygge is also about resourcefulness and finding value in the old, so don’t be afraid to repurpose items or keep antiques in circulation. Display pieces, pictures or trinkets that bring you joy and recall happy memories.

Less is more when it comes to hygge. Space can be decorated, but avoid creating a space that feels cluttered or overwhelming. A few rustic items work well, especially when paired with textures that are soft or cozy.

Blankets, throw pillows and rugs can be strewn about — faux fur is also particularly hygge. Allow room to cozy up on the floor just as you would on a couch.

Hygge in the bathroom‌

With the right touches, your bathroom can feel like a spa. It’s another place you should actually want to spend time.

If you have a bathtub, regularly draw baths as a means to decompress, opting for bath bombs and employing candles, calming music and perhaps a good book.

A bath caddy can help you get your accessories in order, including perhaps a nice glass of wine.

If you don’t have a tub, shower bombs can help you relax, as well.

Create a calming bedroom

Through hygge, the bedroom can be a place where you can retreat to relax and enjoy a comfortable, restful night’s sleep. You may even create a space so inviting you want to read, nap, meditate or simply escape from the workday in your bedroom. Of course, breakfast in bed and sleeping in are very in line with a hygge lifestyle. Avoid putting a TV or other screen in the bedroom if you can.

A weighted blanket, though, is a great addition to help you feel warm, cozy and restful.

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